Hacker Technics Workshop @ Nadine/Brussels

Together with Ero Carrera Ventura and Mia Makela from FiftyFifty we are doing a workshop about Hacker Technics at Nadine/Brussels. From the mailing:

Hackers explore the internet in a profound way. Their tactics, techniques and tools open up new possibilities for artists. Workshop participants will learn to use a variety of hacker tools and have an introduction to the philosophy behind them.
The goal of the workshop is to think of new ways of using these tools and employ the techniques discovered in creative projects.
This workshop has been designed by FFlaboratories and is given here in Brussels at Nadine vzw by 2 hacking experts under the guidance of Mia Makela, digital artist.

This workshop took also place at transmediale/Berlin and is a follow up from Hacker Techniques: Download if you dare! at Hangar/Barcelona where I was a participating.

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