Some project references

neural.itHere a small selection of texts reviewing or mentioning our work:

neural, an Italy based zine about new media art, electronic music and hactivism, features Independent Robotic Community in it’s fresh published issue 27 – summer 2007. A few month ago the published this online article about Independent Robotic Community, social network for robots and humans.

a mínima 20 published an article about In the Dark. Información, control y manipulación (Spanish).

Zemos98 mentions our installation InTheDark in this text about their festival with the title Interruptores críticos y Vídeos Fuera de Control (Spanish).

res-Qualia describes our project In the Dark. Información, control y manipulación

we make money not art runs a story about Independent Robotic Community.

res-Qualia also has an description of our project Independent Robotic Community (Spanish).

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