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Preparing a workshop on teaching artists how to make their own web site I noticed the need for a video plugin for indexhibit. So I put together a small plugin for making it really easy to publish videos inside indexhibit.

Inspired by this post I put together the files necessary for a quick and dirty JW Player plugin. It includes player.swf from JW Player, swfobject and an indexhibit plugin file.

In order to use the plugin you have to follow this steps:

  1. Download and unzip plugin:
  2. Save files player.swf, plugin.myflv.php and swfobject.js to folder /ndxz-studio/site/plugin/
  3. Upload video (.mp4, .m4v, .f4v, .mov, .flv) to folder /files/
  4. Publish code in content form to make use of plugin: <plug:myflv 'video.mp4' />

The plugin permits a total of six parameters in this order:

  1. file (undefined): File to play, loaded from indexhibit /files/ folder. Permitted formats: .flv, .mp4, .mov, .webm, .ogv and more
  2. width (400): width of video player.
  3. height (300): height of video player
  4. image (undefined): Location of a preview (poster) image; shown in display before the video starts.
  5. autostart (false): Set this to true to automatically start the player on load.
  6. controlbar.position (bottom): position of menubar, possible values: bottom, top, over and none.


Minimal version: <plug:myflv 'video.mp4' />

Using the plugin as audio player: <plug:myflv 'audio.mp3', '300', '25' />

Using the plugin with all six permitted parameters: <plug:myflv 'video.mp4', '600', '400', 'captura.jpg', 'true', 'over' />

Note: Extending the plugin.myflv.php file it should be easy to extend functionality with everything JW Flash Player offers.

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29 Responses to “video plugin for indexhibit”

  1. frank Says:

    i dont have no idea!
    can you tell me where to publish the code an wheter i have to change ‘video.mp4’ in to a different name like franksvideo for example??
    Thank You!!

  2. geraldo Says:

    You have to substitute ‘video.mp4’ with the name of your video file published in step 3, for example franksvideo.flv.

  3. Litoswonder Says:

    I´ve followed all steps but but don´t show anything. The downloading folder “myflv-0” must be stay in “/ndxz-studio/site/plugin”/? There is inside a file called “player.swf” and I´m not sure where is your place.

    Where appears the six plugin parameters?

    Sorry, I´m not a expert.
    Thanks for your help.

  4. frank Says:

    it’s me again…just a little question.
    at the jw player website:
    it plays html5 AND mp4
    but ein can see my video(mp4) on my website not on mobiledevices (iphone/html5)

    any ideas?
    thank you!

  5. geraldo Says:

    @Litoswonder: You have to upload all 3 files from the zip (player.swf, plugin.myflv.php, swfobject.js) to plugin folder. To use all 6 plugin parameters write something like <plug:myflv 'video.mp4', '600', '400', 'captura.jpg', 'true', 'over' />

    @frank: Actually this plugin only uses the flash version of the player so it’s not possible to see it using html5.

  6. Litoswonder Says:

    Ok, Geraldo. I´ll try.

  7. Litoswonder Says:

    Sorry Geraldo, another question.
    I´m uploading a swf file but the controlbar can´t stop the movie. Where´s the problem?

  8. Litoswonder Says:

    Hi again
    Finally I´ve uploaded a flv file. The only thing I dont understand is the step 4. Is necesary make a preview jpg file to insert before the video starts or “capture.jpg” is a supose file?

  9. christina Says:

    I have the same problem, the video is not loading… i have switched of ‘site processing’ in advanced settings, still it isn’t working. Any idea why?

  10. geraldo Says:

    @Litoswonder: Without preview image jwplayer shows the first frame of the video. Step 4 is optional and gives you the possibility to define a preview of a more significant moment of the video.

    @christina: Do you see any error message in the player window? If you see an error like “Video not found or access denied: …“, the route to your media file is wrong or you don’t have permissions to play it. If the file format is not supported (check supported formats here:, the player shows a strange error message as it tries to load the unkown file format as playlist: “Task Queue failed at step 5: Playlist could not be loaded: Playlist file did not contain a valid playlist“.

  11. christina Says:

    thanks for the fast response. There is no error message, just a spinning wheel, but the film is not loading. I converted the film to mp4 avi files and uploaded it into the ‘files’ folder, then I copied your code into the content area and exchanged the name of the movie file.

  12. geraldo Says:

    @christina: .avi container is not supported even if video is mp4 encoded. you can only use one of this file extensions: .mp4, .m4v, .f4v, .mov, .flv

  13. diego Says:

    my .mov videos only show the video, it doesn’t play any sound. If I convert to mp4 y can only hear the audio but it doesn’t show any video. FLV works ok, but I lose the video resolution. any ideas?

  14. Jacinto Says:

    hi, the link to swfobject now shows that there’s an update, swfobject 2.0 … is there anything in the code that would have to be changed to reflect this update? thank you.

  15. Jacinto Says:

    holy crap that was easy! nevermind my last comment, they player worked. the only thing i can’t get to show up is the poster frame at the beginning. what i have is actually an .mov file as a poster frame that quicktime spits out upon compression, but the video file i’m using is an mp4. does the poster frame have to be a jpeg/gif?
    here’s my site:
    any hints would be appreciated! thank you.

  16. Jacinto Says:

    it has to be jpef… figured it out! thank you this plugin iz amaze!!

  17. vjRex Says:

    This is fantastic Thanks,
    is there any way of having more than one player in a page?

  18. geraldo Says:

    @vjRex: Their should be no problem with having more than one player in a page. I use a random id for the player so their shouldn’t be any conflict.

  19. jonathan paul gillette Says:


    thank you so much for this player, however i am very new to editing things and have two small questions:

    1. where (what file in dreamweaver) do i publish code in content form to make use of plugin? is it the style.css file in the sample folder under site?

    2. is there anyway to make the player work like a roll-over – thumbnail –
    making it the fifth image here -
    rolling over – thus activating the video?

    thank you

  20. geraldo Says:

    @jonathan paul gillette:
    1. Put the code from step 4 to the text area when editing any indexhibit exhibiton.
    2. For sure you could but you will need some javascript skills to fullfill video playing on rollover.

  21. christina Says:

    Hi Geraldo,
    I have converted the video to mp4 and uploaded it, but it is still not working. Any idea what could be wrong?

  22. jonathan nadel Says:

    Hello Geraldo,
    Thank you i really like the plugin! I read frank’s comments re: html5 and was wondering what would be involved if i tried to update the plugin to support html5 so it could play on ipads? thanks again.

  23. geraldo Says:

    You should check out the documentation of jwplayer which is ready for Flash AND HTML5: Good luck!

  24. PlocPloc Says:

    I’d like to thank you very much. It works easily.

    But if I want to show images in the same exhibition, is there a way to embed video into a Thickbox presentation ? Because now you see the video and the images a below, not so visible.

    I’m gonna search… But at least I can put some video thanks to you.

  25. jonathan nadel Says:

    sorry to be a bother but i read the documentation pages and i am still not getting it. does jw player do everything automatically to display the video content in html5 or do i have to modify my code? I am still having no luck getting my video to show up on ipads/iphones
    specifically the pages i am working on are:

    thank you for your help and patience.


  26. Nazanin Says:

    everything worked perfectly except that now on top of my webpage with the animation (IRM) appears :
    /homez.527/nazaninf/www/ndxz-studio/site/plugin/plugin.myflv.php on line 7
    how can I make this line disappear?

    thank you for your help,

  27. Nazanin Says:


  28. David Says:


    Estupendo Plugin. Gracias!
    Lo instalé y me funciona perfectamente, sin embargo, me pregunto ¿cómo se puede cambiar la posición del vídeo dentro de la página?, es decir, me aparece en la parte superior izquierda y me gustaría ponerlo en otro lugar. ¿Es posible hacerlo? ¿Me echas un cable?


  29. geraldo Says:

    @PlocPloc: Right now this isn’t possible but the anounced Indexhibit 2.0 version seems to have features like that. So stay tuned till it arrives…

    @jonathan nadel: Actually I’m waiting for the anounced Indexhibit 2.0 version which seems to have a video player incorporated. I didn’t try it till now but reading the forum I see that the uploader accepts MP4 video files and shows them automatically. I don’t know if it has HTML5 capacities but if not it would be better to build them on top of the new video player. I think this pluggin will be obsolete but we’ll see soon.

    @David: La posición del vídeo depende de la plantilla de la exposición que eliges, pero en general puedes insertar el vídeo en la posición donde quieras teniendo contenido antes y después de la posición del vídeo que defines con .

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