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Customizable vector map for visual impaired ppl

Friday, March 14th, 2014

As part of my Bachelor Thesis I investigated accessibility for digital maps from the angle of visual impairment. Taking advantage of characteristics of vector maps, one of the results is a highly customizable map.

serverInstead of using pre (server) rendered raster images, the browser itself takes care of rendering vector data which represents the features in the tile. For example roads are sent as LineStrings, buildings, land and water as Polygons and POIs as Points. Javascript based on vector-osm converts them to SVG, the browser takes care of the rendering. Vector tiles are coming from Mapnik Vector Tiles in GeoJSON format using OpenStreetMap as data provider.


SVG with Processing for mapping data

Monday, March 24th, 2008

casastristes.orgFor we are making different visualizations of the housing situation in Spain. Also Java is a pain in the ass on the web, in two of them we are using Processing comparing new inhabitants with newly constructed houses and free real estates per provinces. In the following article I show the advantages of using SVG graphics when mapping information.